Monday, 7 August 2017

The man in the moon

The man in the moon
sat in the sky so bright
and the moon so full.
That which causes it to shine
then moves into the shadow
and attempts to steal the glory
only for no one to win
because the man in the moon
kick the sun out the picture soon

Riana Odendaal
August 2017

Partial lunar eclipse 7 August 2017

Monday, 31 July 2017

Abram - Abraham


Living in a land of lifeless gods
A growing restlessness that these gods can't do anything
The Living God spoke
Go and live in a country I will show you
Walking by faith in this Living Speaking God he cannot see
But knowing when He speaks you simply obey and go
Sarai, his wife, not knowing where to, but not frightened 
Holding onto His promise
that He is your guide, your source of Life
Protector and Provider
and by Knowing His Name
Putting her Trust in the Living God
Knowing she can run to this Living God for peace
and He never disappoints
May we be found with this same strong Faith in this same Most High God

Riana Odendaal
July 2017

Genesis 12 - 24
Heb 11
1 Peter 3:6
Psalm 9:10

Monday, 17 July 2017

King of Life

God created and blessed
Man disobeyed
Man separated from source of life - and died
God cursed creation with thorns
His great love send Himself, Jesus fully God and fully man
He took our curse
A crown of thorns placed on His head
As He takes our curse and sin on Himself
and died - so we can live
He creates in us a new heart
Now we who live through Him
Will honour Him who is crowned
The King of Life

Tuesday, 9 May 2017


Nebuchadnezzar dreamt
sleep fled from him
Astrologers, counsellors and magicians couldn't help
Daniel and friends prayed
God answered
Daniel spoke to Nebuchadnezzar
Kingdoms come and go but
The future is in God's hands

Nebuchadnezzar built
A golden statue arose on the plains
Orders were given- All were to bow
To the golden god that can't do much
Shadrach, Mesach & Abednego 
convicted of their faith 
Hold onto the true God
and did not bow
Nebuchadnezzar mocked and said
What god is there who will save you
Into the burning fiery furnace they were thrown
God answered Nebuchadnezzar
and saved His faithful three
and stood between them in the fire
Not even their hair was singed

Nebuchadnezzar did not learn (yet)
Thought he was god too
another dream 
another sleepless night
God gives Daniel wisdom
Dream's interpretation given
along with a chance to repent
A year later 
Nebuchadnezzar found himself mindless
eating grass alongside beasts of the field
Not wanting to humble himself,
but was humbled by God
When God gives his mind back to him
Glory to the Most High God is given

The Gentle Grey Giants

The Gentle Grey Giants
Silently, deep in the forest of fevertrees a grey trunk wraps itself around tasty greens Two impressively huge ivory tusks protrude From the gentle giant's face. Invade their peaceful place and deadly aggression towards you will be shown
Beneath the seven ton matriarch Is a tiny calf taking refuge. later on, he will go exploring the bush Scattered all around them is the rest of the herd waiting their time for the afternoon march to slake their thirst at the river
Soft seismic rumblings sound throughout no human ear can hear any pachyderm thought and so the gentle grey giants communicate to all near and far about what has shown up in their viewbar.
A message came through on their radar Slowly but surely the herd make their way to go and mourn a loved one that had passed away Touching, feeling, standing together Simply remembering their friend. in due time slowly they wander back to their own turf.
October 2016

Thursday, 24 November 2016

The Cinderellas of the Bushveld - Vultures

Vulture Week 19-27 November 2016

The Cinderellas of the Bushveld

Imagine no cleaning machine for the bush
No Municipal refuse pick-up once a week
All dead animals lie – just where they died
What a ghastly sight!
Not even to think about the pungent stench
Strong enough to knock you off a bench

Anthrax, Rabies and various other diseases
Spread quicker than wildfire
The Situation so dire

But wait!
There is this really great group of birds
Slowly getting pushed off the grid,
That cleans up and stop this mess
Most are bald so that blood don’t clot their feathers
And they smell a carcass from over yonder
Quickly they clean up the bush
Flesh devoured in no time, bones crushed
It should make you to ponder
The important role of vultures
They’re all endangered, some more than others

If we don’t act now
The scenario above might be our future

Riana Odendaal 
November 2016

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Live a different life

Live a different life

As someone once sang
“If we knew all truth, we will live a different life”
We live in a country where the truth is freely known
And go to a church where all truth is powerfully preached
Sunday after Sunday,
We hear it. Ear in and ear out
Or does it stay in?
Are we convicted of the truth we hear
And is your life different than what is was?
Where is your focus …..
in this momentarily life
or on the eternal next life,
on the god/s of this world
or on the Great Unchangeable Eternal I AM
Who is All Truth.
If you knew Him, you would live differently

Are you? 

(Riana Odendaal, July 2016)