Friday, 8 February 2013

Who will share the message?

Out of the deep sinful ash-pit You pulled me
You cleansed me, set me free
Someone paid the blood-price but it was not me
Joy filled me overflowing
when I realised that I'm free
guilt-free of all my sin, forgiven

You pulled on my heartstrings
A message is to be shared
with all the nations, tongues, tribes and peoples
Who will go? Who will share?
It is not an easy task,
nor will the hearers necessary believe
or understand with their hearts
Trials and tribulations will come your way
but the message is to be shared with all
whether there is a road to where they are or no road at all

Lord, all of me belongs to You
You created me, You saved me
Then use me in the purpose You see fit

Go tell the nations about me!
Teach them Who I AM
Tell them of My Holiness, My wrath
The required blameless sacrifice
... and My Redemption Plan
Tell them also of my Grace and Love

Oh Lord, I've fallen into the sin ash-pit again
I messed up, I've sinned
How can I tell others about You and Who You are
About Your awesome standard of Holiness
if everyone can see I messed up bad
I can only be forever grateful for Your forgiveness

It is only through the gift of the Holy Spirit
Christ living in me, My Only Hope in Life, now and hereafter
that I'll be able to walk in a manner worthy
of Your gospel, Your calling on my life to share You with others

Now to Him who is able to keep me
from stumbling and present  me blameless
in the presence of His glory with great joy
to the only God, My Saviour
through Jesus Christ my Lord,
be glory, majesty, dominion and authority
before all time and now and forever.