Friday, 30 December 2011

Meeting Someone Famous

Meeting someone famous can be a nerve-wrecking thing
Especially if it is someone known for killing…….
So one day without an appointment with said Mr. Famous
I came to meet the one known as Africa’s most dangerous

Chilled out and walking in the beautiful African bush
When my sixth sense sensed that something is amiss
eyes peeled and looking even behind  like a chameleon, frozen and throbbing pulse
Where and what is this thing which my senses tell me is around

Suddenly out of “nowhere” dashed this very long black reptile
Something; what exactly I do not know; hopefully not me
Invaded his personal space and triggered his irritation level
I was just too grateful to not be in the way of the bite

…. Otherwise I would not be here writing you the story of the Black Mamba

Fear Stricken in Talamati

One beautiful starry night in the Talamati Hide
I sat and watched the creatures and some water birds
As you would say nothing happened really;
However somewhere in the not too far away darkness
Horror upon horrors came upon an impala family

I had to know though because just earlier that night
The madala baboon told his family with plight
To stay near because danger is so very near

The earth suddenly shuddered with fear
Soon I was to see although only in part
The ecological system played out before me
The shape of fear stricken impala running for life
And short on its heels was a muscled strong hungry leopard

Emotions should not interfere when this is observed
For this is normal and anyways which side are you taking
As much as this is rather gross and shocking
It is truly a memory that will stay with me

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

The Guinea-fowl's Cheerful chatter

The guinea fowl have this cheer
In their everyday chitter and chatter
That I cannot help but wonder
What they are saying to each other

All lovely kinds of things like
How tasty was that grassy-bite
The weather is so fine
No complaints about rain or shine

Did you see this morning’s
beautiful painting in the sunrise
And those new blooming wildflowers
In between the lovely tasty greenery

Singing a song of praise and thanks
Not an ounce of stress in their lives
they happily chat away to themselves
and keep us humans in the wonder

Peace in the Wilderness :-)

Surrounded by the bush; inhaling the air so fresh
Hearing the birds chirping so happily
Sitting next to a loved one, staring at the fire’s flames
Appreciating the beautiful night skies; with the full moon casting
reflections on the stream rustling over the pebbles

Far away hearing a Woodland Kingfisher saying
Chip-chirrrrr   chip-chirr   chip-chirrrr    chip- chirrrrr
I imagine him saying: come here, come here, come here
A shiver down my spine on hearing the lions roaring

The unforgettable sense of sanity, peace and quietness
And deep down in my heart knowing that
This is the great spirit of the african wilderness

Monday, 7 November 2011

The Cross Shaped Morning Star

I’m stuck down in a black spiral
A very confusing spiral
It’s a maze and it’s going downwards
I’m confused about everything in life
Don’t know what to do

I’m in a dark tunnel of glue
Was that my imagination or did i really
See some light far away….
I try to swim towards it
It dims and brights

I cry out loud for some more light
At first I felt hopeless
as it felt like nothing happened
Then one really bright
Cross-shaped Morning star appeared.

I felt the glue loosing its grip

Precious blood flowed from the Star
I was brought back to Life
My Redeemer put a rose in my hair
And a sparkle in my eye
- a reflection of His Image. 

Tuesday, 6 September 2011


unknown poet. but I still love this. and it's so true. 

When you have acquired the taste for dust, 
The scent of our first rain 
You’re hooked on Africa for life 
And you will not be right again 
Until you can watch the setting moon 
And hear the Jackals bark
 And know they are around you waiting in the dark
When you long to see the elephants, 

Or to hear the coucals song 
When the moonrise sets your blood on fire 
You have been away too long.
 It is time to cut the traces loose 
And let your heart go free 
Beyond that for the horizon, 
Where your spirit yearns to be
For Africa infects the soul 

And sets ones senses free 
It’s special gifts-sight, sound and smell 
Pervade incessantly 
For in this world of chaos 
Where hatred rules supreme 
My Heart turns again to Africa 
And I relive my dream

‎"Once you've drank from the waters of Africa you will never rest until you do so again." - Out of Africa -

Wednesday, 31 August 2011


Hi, My name is Zoe
 Last night I paged through
An animal-book with daddy

There was this picture of a strange-looking animal 

So with my eyes all big and curious I asked:
“Daddy, what is that? “
That, my girl, is (or rather was) a rhino

They were one of the animals that made up the “Big Five”
That is, the five most dangerous mammals
But daddy, I asked with a tear in my eye
Why aren’t they here anymore?
Did the other “Big Four” ate them?

A croaky, heartbroken voice answered….
No my dear, there was some …… well…
Really really cruel people who shot them
One by one with big guns
Simply because they were greedy
Now I cannot show you this animal in real life

I said a prayer, a simple prayer, that one last rhino
Can have what my name means – LIFE