Friday, 30 December 2011

Fear Stricken in Talamati

One beautiful starry night in the Talamati Hide
I sat and watched the creatures and some water birds
As you would say nothing happened really;
However somewhere in the not too far away darkness
Horror upon horrors came upon an impala family

I had to know though because just earlier that night
The madala baboon told his family with plight
To stay near because danger is so very near

The earth suddenly shuddered with fear
Soon I was to see although only in part
The ecological system played out before me
The shape of fear stricken impala running for life
And short on its heels was a muscled strong hungry leopard

Emotions should not interfere when this is observed
For this is normal and anyways which side are you taking
As much as this is rather gross and shocking
It is truly a memory that will stay with me


  1. What a fantastic event to witness.

  2. I wish I could've seen this! Nicely written :)