Friday, 30 December 2011

Meeting Someone Famous

Meeting someone famous can be a nerve-wrecking thing
Especially if it is someone known for killing…….
So one day without an appointment with said Mr. Famous
I came to meet the one known as Africa’s most dangerous

Chilled out and walking in the beautiful African bush
When my sixth sense sensed that something is amiss
eyes peeled and looking even behind  like a chameleon, frozen and throbbing pulse
Where and what is this thing which my senses tell me is around

Suddenly out of “nowhere” dashed this very long black reptile
Something; what exactly I do not know; hopefully not me
Invaded his personal space and triggered his irritation level
I was just too grateful to not be in the way of the bite

…. Otherwise I would not be here writing you the story of the Black Mamba


  1. @Deon. Eish ja. ek het nogal geskrik daai dag, maar darem kon ek in die kar klim. :-)