Thursday, 12 May 2016

Gimme Gimme Gimme

In a world where everyone screams
I want this and that and that 
always some money
Oh, what's that thing so shiny,
and someone to call hunny
to make me a happy chappy

everyone living for the moment
and no perspective for what lasts

May our prayers be
Lord give me: 
New eyes to see
Your majesty
Your love and grace
and to seek your face

Lord give me
New things to delight in
delight in Your beauty
Your eternal faithful word
Your plans for the world

Lord give me
a Mind that ponders
on all Your wonders
a mind that yearn
to learn of You more and more

Lord give me
A new heart
That accepts your forgiveness
and a heart
that loves others
but loves You more

Riana Odendaal
May 2016

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Behold my Servant - The Ultimate Promise Keeper - The Messiah

Behold My Servant: The Ultimate Promise-Keeper

My dear people Israel, behold my Servant
My Servant the Ultimate Promise-keeper
A promise He made to you
To send you into Babylonian exile
And that the stones of Jerusalem
Will all be on a pile
Which, in time, you found it to be true

A promise He made to you
To send His shepherd Cyrus
Who will send you back to the Promised Land
A promise made nearly two centuries
Before Cyrus was even born
Or any of you found yourself in Babylon
And… you found the promise fulfilled

A promise I made to send My Servant
The Messiah
That will save you from sin
A Child that will be born
And later suffer on a cross
For the sins of many
A promise which you all saw was kept
To the very last detail

A promise that My Servant, the Messiah
Will come again, and will reign forever
Is yet still to be fulfilled
But keep your focus on HIM
He is the Ultimate Promise-Keeper
He will come again
And reign forever
He is faithful!

Riana Odendaal
May 2016

(Scratching the surface on Isaiah) 


On a sweet crispy Fall morning
under a bright blue sky
a little seed fell to the ground
pushed into the earth by feet trodding over
till no longer it a trace of it could be found
Deep under the dust, still it lay
Throughout the cold winter months
drinking in the few dew drops
and every last little ray of sun

Slowly but surely
A little root grows out so lean
and by the time Spring comes around
It pushes out a brand new colour of green
a new plant sprouted
and drinks in the early spring rain
till it grows a beautiful crown
which turns many a frown
into an appreciative smile

Riana Odendaal
May 2016