Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Behold my Servant - The Ultimate Promise Keeper - The Messiah

Behold My Servant: The Ultimate Promise-Keeper

My dear people Israel, behold my Servant
My Servant the Ultimate Promise-keeper
A promise He made to you
To send you into Babylonian exile
And that the stones of Jerusalem
Will all be on a pile
Which, in time, you found it to be true

A promise He made to you
To send His shepherd Cyrus
Who will send you back to the Promised Land
A promise made nearly two centuries
Before Cyrus was even born
Or any of you found yourself in Babylon
And… you found the promise fulfilled

A promise I made to send My Servant
The Messiah
That will save you from sin
A Child that will be born
And later suffer on a cross
For the sins of many
A promise which you all saw was kept
To the very last detail

A promise that My Servant, the Messiah
Will come again, and will reign forever
Is yet still to be fulfilled
But keep your focus on HIM
He is the Ultimate Promise-Keeper
He will come again
And reign forever
He is faithful!

Riana Odendaal
May 2016

(Scratching the surface on Isaiah) 

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