Tuesday, 9 May 2017


Nebuchadnezzar dreamt
sleep fled from him
Astrologers, counsellors and magicians couldn't help
Daniel and friends prayed
God answered
Daniel spoke to Nebuchadnezzar
Kingdoms come and go but
The future is in God's hands

Nebuchadnezzar built
A golden statue arose on the plains
Orders were given- All were to bow
To the golden god that can't do much
Shadrach, Mesach & Abednego 
convicted of their faith 
Hold onto the true God
and did not bow
Nebuchadnezzar mocked and said
What god is there who will save you
Into the burning fiery furnace they were thrown
God answered Nebuchadnezzar
and saved His faithful three
and stood between them in the fire
Not even their hair was singed

Nebuchadnezzar did not learn (yet)
Thought he was god too
another dream 
another sleepless night
God gives Daniel wisdom
Dream's interpretation given
along with a chance to repent
A year later 
Nebuchadnezzar found himself mindless
eating grass alongside beasts of the field
Not wanting to humble himself,
but was humbled by God
When God gives his mind back to him
Glory to the Most High God is given

The Gentle Grey Giants

The Gentle Grey Giants
Silently, deep in the forest of fevertrees a grey trunk wraps itself around tasty greens Two impressively huge ivory tusks protrude From the gentle giant's face. Invade their peaceful place and deadly aggression towards you will be shown
Beneath the seven ton matriarch Is a tiny calf taking refuge. later on, he will go exploring the bush Scattered all around them is the rest of the herd waiting their time for the afternoon march to slake their thirst at the river
Soft seismic rumblings sound throughout no human ear can hear any pachyderm thought and so the gentle grey giants communicate to all near and far about what has shown up in their viewbar.
A message came through on their radar Slowly but surely the herd make their way to go and mourn a loved one that had passed away Touching, feeling, standing together Simply remembering their friend. in due time slowly they wander back to their own turf.
October 2016