Tuesday, 6 September 2011


unknown poet. but I still love this. and it's so true. 

When you have acquired the taste for dust, 
The scent of our first rain 
You’re hooked on Africa for life 
And you will not be right again 
Until you can watch the setting moon 
And hear the Jackals bark
 And know they are around you waiting in the dark
When you long to see the elephants, 

Or to hear the coucals song 
When the moonrise sets your blood on fire 
You have been away too long.
 It is time to cut the traces loose 
And let your heart go free 
Beyond that for the horizon, 
Where your spirit yearns to be
For Africa infects the soul 

And sets ones senses free 
It’s special gifts-sight, sound and smell 
Pervade incessantly 
For in this world of chaos 
Where hatred rules supreme 
My Heart turns again to Africa 
And I relive my dream

‎"Once you've drank from the waters of Africa you will never rest until you do so again." - Out of Africa -

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