Wednesday, 31 August 2011


Hi, My name is Zoe
 Last night I paged through
An animal-book with daddy

There was this picture of a strange-looking animal 

So with my eyes all big and curious I asked:
“Daddy, what is that? “
That, my girl, is (or rather was) a rhino

They were one of the animals that made up the “Big Five”
That is, the five most dangerous mammals
But daddy, I asked with a tear in my eye
Why aren’t they here anymore?
Did the other “Big Four” ate them?

A croaky, heartbroken voice answered….
No my dear, there was some …… well…
Really really cruel people who shot them
One by one with big guns
Simply because they were greedy
Now I cannot show you this animal in real life

I said a prayer, a simple prayer, that one last rhino
Can have what my name means – LIFE

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