Saturday, 4 February 2012

A beautiful lost dream found in an lesser-known mountain

I walked a path up a mountain
where few others cared to walk
or even knew it existed........
a plant displays its beautiful flowers
to the birds and bees around

a turaco hidden somewhere in thickness
screams like a monkey
and a butterfly fluttersby

the mountains so majestic
stands towering above the grasslands
declaring their Creator
to whomever would bother to stop
................ and listen to the silence

I look down and on the path
lays something, sparkling but full of mud
I pick it up and look carefully,
a dream, lost, forgotten, fractured.......
but still so beautiful, asking take me

The Heavens Above whispers softly
keep it safe with you
carry it in the saferoom of your heart
but mostly do what is asks of you

All the random needed pieces are out there
but needs time, patience and mostly
glue only obtained from Above
slowly but surely it'll all fit together

the big picture don't always comes with the package
of the million piece puzzle
 your small piece of dream
might not make sense as it is
but it's part of something else too

1 comment:

  1. Love this! So true how "it's part of something else too."