Monday, 11 March 2013

My lovesong for my Saviour

I want to be wrapped up in Your arms
everyday close to You and always in Your will
I want to hear everything You want to tell me
And see everything You want to show me
I want to adore everything You have made
and just stand on the mountaintop
and shout to the whole world
I Love You Jesus!

I want to dance with You
on the beat of heavenly music made my angels
with beautiful glitterings stars against a black velvet sky
and the soft clouds as the dancefloor

I want to kiss Your soft lips
as I know You love me and I am special to You
I Love You and You are special to me, For You are my Saviour
You have risen from the dead
and You are the King of Kings

I want to make Your will mine
I want to stay in Your truth forever
Because Your plans are always better than man's

I love You Father God, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit

(written April 2003)


  1. Beautiful imagery! I want to stay in His truth forever too...

  2. I'm so in awe now of How he led me to a place where i truely get His truth and not truth twisted. God is so awesome. :) Thanks for all your encouragement Debbie!!