Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Beer lahai roi

Beer lahai roi

The God who sees.... me

You are the amazing God
who stretch the stars out
like a curtain on a rod
yet you know my biggest fear and doubt

The earth but a pinprick small
in the majestic universe
and we but dots on the earth
yet You taught the swallows to play swiftly
in the summer sunset sky
and know when one of them fall from on high

You hold the stars steady
and touch our beating hearts
You knew about my needs
before I knew about them
and provide abundantly in time
By your great grace

In the midst of wilderness
You saw Hagar, crying over a mess
she was part of, but didn't create
You send an angel
to point to the well
She named the place
Beer lahai roi
For you are Elohim chai
The living God, the God who sees... her

And now millenia down the line
You see us, me, your children
Crying in our various wildernesses over messes
In Your grace, You point us to the well
Your well of living water
and bid us, come, drink
and you will never thirst again.

Riana Odendaal
January 2015

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