Tuesday, 7 April 2015


One peaceful night
yet it awaits fate
some days before Easter
Students going their about
not knowing that
soon they would breath their last

Suddenly faced with a gun in their face
Terrorists shouting
"whom do you belong to?"
Are you with us or
with the man of Nazareth called Christ?

The terrorists may think they have won
They wiped out more Christ-followers
and the world is in tears and fears
thinking by shouting allah akhbar 
that they won, and we all now think 
that allah is great. 
Yet in the end Christ will show them
Who truely is greater than allah

Friends, family and loved ones
cried on hearing shots echoing down halls
Angels were singing when 
Christ-followers came Home
in this fateful way

and for the rests of us here on earth
longing to be Home
Yet asking Why
Why do they have to go that horrible way?
Why so rudely ripped away from their loved ones life's?
We can ask books full of questions 
and never have an answer

Simply Lord, we ask
Give your Comfort and Peace
Peace beyond all our understanding
to those who lost loved ones 
Ones that are now with You

May it be etched in our hearts
that they can take away 
all from us, even our earthly lifes, but....
they can never take away our Jesus our Saviour. 
We will be followers of the Nazarene
and follow You Home. 

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