Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Philippians 3: An example to follow.

As part of the bible study homework in Philippians, were asked to write a poem on chapter 3.

Here's my take on it.

Philippians 3:      An example to follow.

An example You gave us
He had everything man can wish for
To gain eternal life
In the thoughts and ways of men.
Born in the chosen nation and tribe
The law kept flawlessly
Zealous for what he does.

Then he met his Messiah
You opened his eyes
He realised he believed in lies
Confidence in self, so vain, and empty promises.
With the same zeal he had
He now follows after you
Eyes fixed on heaven
All others things counted as nothing

This is the example you wants us to follow
To keep our eyes fixed on our Messiah
Eternity burning in our hearts
And all others things counted as nothing

In light of Who you are

Riana Odendaal 
May 2015

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