Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Holy, Compassionate, Loving God

A holy God
filled with deep compassion and love
came down to earth to dwell among men
the Highest became the lowest of the low
rejected, beaten, despised, crucified
the cruelest death imagined by wicked men
He died to pay the sacrifice for wicked sinners
that He loves so deeply
Risen from the dead
Hope, we have now. 
Hope that will never disappoint.
Not in this life or the one hereafter
A command He gave 
to go into all the corners of the world
and share this good news
Redemption and forgiveness
A new friend we now have
One that will never leave nor forsake us
not in this life or the one hereafter
Across the globe, in all the small forgotten corners of the world
a brother or sister we will find
if we have the same Father above
A symbol He gave us to remind us of his sweet death
bread and wine
we now take to remember we are one
One in Christ

Riana Odendaal
July 2015

1 comment:

  1. Such a great truth! So happy to hear about the salvations and God's work in Mozambique. I pray the people will grow in their knowledge of the Lord and share that knowledge with others!