Saturday, 12 September 2015


A lady of the night
part of a pagan culture,
homemade gods
and little to none eternal sight. 

In the world around them strange things happen
three days of darkness in Egypt recorded some years ago
just before that, bloodrivers and flies galore
The deep Red sea split
Egyptian army drowned, whilst
Millions Israelites with camels, cows and all in tow
walked safely to the other side.

These strange folks are now moving closer
closer to her city, her comfort zone
the Jordan river went to stand on a heap
and overflowed its banks further upstream

She sits and up and take notice of these Israelites
and their God that does all these strange and wonderful things
Their God is so unlike their homemade gods
Like someone she can believe in, have faith in. 

Forsaking her idols
and trusting in this new God
not really knowing Him but starting the journey
a journey of a lifetime
forgiven and set free
to love and follow after,
from now and forever more
the God of Israel
the God of the universe

Her story can be yours too.
Put your trust in God, and God alone. 

Riana Odendaal
September 2015

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