Monday, 31 July 2017

Abram - Abraham


Living in a land of lifeless gods
A growing restlessness that these gods can't do anything
The Living God spoke
Go and live in a country I will show you
Walking by faith in this Living Speaking God he cannot see
But knowing when He speaks you simply obey and go
Sarai, his wife, not knowing where to, but not frightened 
Holding onto His promise
that He is your guide, your source of Life
Protector and Provider
and by Knowing His Name
Putting her Trust in the Living God
Knowing she can run to this Living God for peace
and He never disappoints
May we be found with this same strong Faith in this same Most High God

Riana Odendaal
July 2017

Genesis 12 - 24
Heb 11
1 Peter 3:6
Psalm 9:10

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