Friday, 28 February 2014

My Africa

My Africa is a continent with possibility
Yet so struck with fear and traditions
It has so much diversity in culture and nature
So much to offer
If only you care to look and see
There are the bustling concrete jungles
But I prefer the one with fresh air
Sky high trees, vast open spaces
The lion’s roar at night at the hyaenas laughter
Birdsong for your morning alarm call
The smell of dust and the fresh petrichor
when the clouds above are thundering
and after the storm is the beautiful rainbow
The antelope runs around so gracefully, yet knowing 
the silent predator may hide in the marula tree

the little kids play around with cars made of twigs and mud
and are too happy to take your picture with a camera of stone
Their smile so shiny white and bright and face full of dust
Once they have grown they realize life is hard
and our lives are but a vapour. 
It is not an easy walk on this beautiful continent
but it is still a good life, a good moment. 
What is to come, we often think of
Do they even wonder of the afterlife?
If there is such a thing as the afterlife?
How to get there? 
Where is their hope? 
Do they have dreams?
Do they trust our message that we bring them
of our Lord Jesus - who created all this beauty-  and them?
or is it just the mulungo's Jesus?
Do they even realize He came and died for them too?

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  1. "Birdsong for your morning alarm call"-Love this! Such great descriptions!