Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Prayer points for outreach


Love Africa and the People of Africa

So it is outreach time again. I made this list of prayer points which covers quite a number of areas, both the folk of Mozambique being evangelized and the team on outreach and Samaria Mission. Surely this is not an exhaustive list and that's why I put the point on - anything else that God tells you also to pray for.

I have asked some friends and family, or is it friends who are family and family who are friends too.... to pray for me and with me for the outreach and other outreaches also taking place during June and July. Some have asked me for prayer points, I have answered some folks and others not yet.

For more information on Samaria Mission, see their website (http://samariamission.co.za)  and their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/SamariaMission

So here goes:

Prayer points: 

- For safe travels, and the vehicles which always seem to give some sort of trouble. That vehicle trouble can be sorted out ahead of time and that the Lord would provide for any repairs that would need to take place. Please also pray for the Lord to provide for the vehicle replacement fund of Samaria Mission. 

-That we would not have hassles at the border. 

- For our health. It is a malaria area, and even though it's winter and the mozzies aren't as active as they are during summer, they can still be around. We also seem to have lots of sinus issues (from the dust) and even colds and flu. Tummy trouble is also a thing which shows its ugly face from time to time, and the heat can be exhausting. The temperature changes from cold at night and in the early mornings to hot during the day, I think, also play a role in getting sick and or exhausted. 

- There are plenty of people there who have heard of Jesus, and possibly even through Samaria Mission's trips there and the believers there. But they want to add Jesus to their ancestor worship and whatever else they believe in. From 1 Tim 2:5-6 and John 14:6 (and many other verses) we know this will not work ever. Pray that they would understand it's Jesus only and will follow Him only. Pray that God would work in their hearts to follow Him and Him alone.  

- Pray for the believers there, that they would be strengthened and encouraged in their faith, that they will stand firm to the end and hold fast to the Truth of God's word. That they would be examples to those around them and share God's word with them. That they would grow in a deeper relationship with God and be rooted and grounded in His love for them. (Eph 3:16-21). 

- Pray for those we would meet, and share the Good News with, that God would prepare their hearts to receive His word, that they would receive it and their life's transformed. 

- For unity among us, as a team, and for all the teams that would come out on outreaches. 

- Pray for us to follow God's nudgings and directions to where we should go and what we should share. For divine appointments. 

- For our preparations, for the trip in all ways: For the finances to go, from spiritual preparedness, preparing bible studies and for the preachers that would be preaching at the evening services, and going on hut-to hut and sharing testimonies and God's message with them. and physically and mentally too. For creative and true ways to use teaching aids (pictures etc) to make the message clearer. That we would spend quality and quantity time in our personal devotion time.

- Pray for those who want to go on outreach but don't have the finances, that the Lord would provide for them to go. A great saying I heard recently was: if it's God's will it's God's bill. If He put in your heart to go He will provide the means for you to go. Phil 4:19. 

- Pray for the translators that they would not grow weary in their job of assisting us that don't know the language and that the rest of us would learn more and more of the language. That the message would be shared clearly through them. 

- Continue to pray for Samaria Mission's ongoing work in Mozambique. That the Lord would provide for their financial needs for the running costs of the mission, finances to replace their vehicles that need replacing, and the work they are doing with the ongoing Leadership training for these churches' pastors. It is once a month for about a week. You can "like" their facebook page for more updates of what is happening in the mission, as well as prayer requests.  https://www.facebook.com/SamariaMission

- This point I want to elaborate on a bit. I feel a lot safer in the bushes of Mozambique than most places in South Africa. That does not mean it will always be that way. Fairly recently it was still a war zone and there are still sporadic times of unrest between Frelimo and Renamo. Just because we have not had any problems with safety in the few years we have gone, does not mean it will always be that way. Hence my request to pray for our safety, as well as that of the other teams. These unrests can spring up sporadically anywhere anyplace anytime. But we serve an Almighty Sovereign God who can protect us anywhere anyplace anytime. Amen.

- and Pray for whatever the Holy Spirit lays on your heart to pray for. 

Ndza Nkhenza (Thank you in Tsonga) 

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  1. So excited that we will be at Panhame together! Praying for you!