Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Broken Potsherds

I'm a broken potsherd

Broken I go through this world
Always so aware of my inabilities
my failures, shortcomings and cracks
What on earth am I useful for?
Lord, Your word tells me to be kind,
to be gentle and friendly
yet so often i find myself
cuttings others with my sharp broken potsherds

If I'm not bruising or cutting someone
the stuff i'm supposed to hold in
just falls out at all the leaks and cracks in me
and i wonder if I'm of any use at all

I look to You, the One who created it all
You hold everything and us all in Your hands

Carefully and purposefully you let the salt leak out
at just the right spots where flavour is needed
where persons need to start thirsting for You
The water leaks out just enough 
to water the seeds that fell out another broken pot
We all look back and realize that in the mess
You had purpose, You had beauty in mind
and You had it all under control 

Riana Odendaal
June 2014

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