Monday, 9 June 2014

Mozambique is on my mind

I wrote this poem about missions in Mozambique way back in 2009.


     Our God is an awesome God

     Zeal and Zest

     Adventure ( Advent- The coming of Christ; Adventure= what we do in the mean time to tell people that HE IS COMING BACK)

     Many serving opportunities under magnificent trees that fell out of heaven.

     Blessings, going to be a blessing but being blessed in return.


    Quest on teaching & preaching the truth

YesU Waku Rhandza ( Jesus loves you in Shangaan)

     Eternal Impact. 

This baobab is next to camp in Panhame - after the floods I hope it is still there - and this picture reminds me so often of the country, and the people that we minister to there. 

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