Thursday, 25 April 2013

Bzzzzt - World Malaria Day

Bzzzt bzzzt bzzzt
I'm the local mozzie leader of around here
we've been here for years and years
and have death is what plenty fear
some have believed that it was the tree
that caused the death or serious illness of 
their loved ones
if only they knew that it was the tree's residents

bzzzt bzzzt bzzzt
fast forward some years on
and the humans realized it was us
and not the tree green with fever,
they dosed themselves with muti
that left them feel queasy
but still there are others
not able to afford food let alone muti

bzzzt bzzzt bzzzt
others who live here with us
in quite beautiful parts of Africa with me
who can't even afford clothes or food
we don't distinguish who to bite
poor or rich, well fed or malnourished
pink, red, black, purple, yellow or white skin
all human blood to us taste the same
and bite we will, and sick you get
bzzzt bzzzt bzzzt

World Malaria Day is 25 April 

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