Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Talitha cumi

Here I stand
so unclean and full of sin
my head hung with shame
There is a required sacrifice
to make me clean
to forgive my sins
to allow me to enter the Holy of holies
Yet I realize that anything I can offer
fall so short
of the set standard

I hear a voice calling my name
Talitha cumi
Come my child, come with Me
with tears streaming down my face
I dare ask, "But Lord....."
How can I enter Your holy place
in this filthy state I'm in?"

He then opened my eyes
and helped me to see
that the One who is calling me
is the Lamb sacrificed in my place
and gave me a clean, white pure robe of fine linen

Tears of joy stream down my face
as I accept this wonderful Gift of Grace
The Greatest Gift this world will ever know or receive

Have you answered to His calling your name
Talitha cumi, come I stand at the door and knock
Come my child, come with Me
Come and life

 Go and watch this  music video and worship God for His Great Gift

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