Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Let us Remember

A cure for cancer found
Or perhaps some other dreaded disease
The solution for the world’s financial woes
Maybe this does not affect you
And it’s the sweet dear friend you never met
Or the great book written
Yet all of this and perhaps even more
Is not to be found on earth
Because a great evil prevailed on earth
People were living their normal lives
Yet their neighbour next door could not
They were killed one by one simply because
They were Jewish
or perhaps it was a Righteous Gentile who cared
and tried to do what they could to spare some
Millions were killed from this earth
In all horrible ways
What should we do today so many years on?
We could but remember
And keep alert of the evil around us
To perhaps prevent a new holocaust from occurring
In front of our very own eyes.

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